Private Fees

 Non-NHS Fees From July 2018

Basic Statements (sick, school absence, housing)   £25
Certificates without examination     £46
(fitness, sport, licence application, private health insurance,  
driving license application, etc.)        
Certificates with judgement/opinion including shotgun licence applications     £79
Records – Extraction       0
       Access to       0
Travel Certificates – Cancellation/Insurance   £70
Medical Examinations        
Detailed Examination and Report     £135
(HGV, elderly, employment, seatbelt exemption, council reports,  
taxi, fitness to attend school, sports etc.)      
DVLA Fitness to Drive       £95
GP Appointments (per 10 minutes)     £60
Travel Vaccines: To be paid for by All;    
Hepatitis B         £46
Japanese Encephalitis       £101
Men ACWY         £79
Rabies           £62
Tick Encephalitis         £72
Yellow Fever         £62
YF – Duplicate Certificate       £20
YF Exemption         £15
Travel Vaccines: Payable only by non NHS patients;  
Cholera           £35
Typhoid           £35
Hepatitis A         £55
Hepatitis A + B         £75
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio       £39
Other Travel Charges        
International certificate of vaccination     £46
Freedom from Infection Certificate     £25
Private travel prescription       £15
Exemption Certificates       £15
Other Charges          
Fostering/Adoption         £84
Update report         £30
Child minding         £46

*Most Cards accepted, Credit cards may attract a small transaction fee. Full payment must be made before treatment is given or report is handed over.