PPG Meeting minutes October 2023

  • Chair Adrian Pitts
  • Minute taker Sarah Baker


  • Sarah Baker (SB)
  • Adrian Pitts (AP)
  • Arlene Hansell (AH)
  • Robert Cresswell (RC)
  • Patricia Williams (PW)
  • Reuben Lewis(RL)
  • Laura Phipp (LP)
  • Andy Mackie (AM)


  • Andrew Stanley
  • Lynn Fitzjohn
  • Winsome Mapp
  • Julia Wakeham
  • Peter Williams


  • Mark Munday was introduced as Paddock Wood West Councillor for the Liberal Democrats

Minutes of last meeting

  • Minutes agreed

Matters arising

  • None

Actions since the last meeting

  • Wrote to PWTC Clerk with no reply to date regarding crossing. The outcome of the meeting when the crossing was due to be discussed has not been published yet.
  • Glad that Town and Borough Cllr Mark Munday is able to attend as an observer. It was good to welcome Cllr Andy Mackie back too.
  • Greg Clark happy to be kept informed of our topics and will help where he can - What might be useful would be if you were to flag up anything that you need my help with from your meetings. As you can imagine I get hundreds of emails a week and there would be a chance that I could miss something. It’s really helpful for me to have this first hand evidence from GP practices in my constituency so if you were able to highlight key issues it will help me in any upcoming debates.
  • Attended West Kent chairs - discussion forum and talks. Please see summary attached to be attached to the minutes of our meeting please.
  • If members interested in the WK listening events do book them (email sent in September) - future of health service in WK

Woodlands Update 

  • Results of patient survey discussed. SP will email the summary to PPG members. AP would like to see the full results. SB to action
  • Tonbridge PCN Frailty Service discussed. This service has won an award. Working well.
  • Carers Tea Party This was not very well attended but was well received by those carers who did attend. Representative from Crossroads, a Kent carer’s charity, attended and a member of the social prescriber’s team.
  • Phone System Update-if a patient missed a call back and they ring back that day on the same number the call will be bumped up to the front of the queue. LP reported not all call backs happen. SB advised if a patient books a call back but then rings back in the meantime the system assumes the call back is not needed and it is cancelled. LP advised this is not always the case. SB will investigate. SB to action
  • COVID autumn booster vaccines These need to be booked online or by ringing 119. They cannot be booked at the surgery.

Actions from the last meeting

  • Typing errors corrected and are posted on website
  • AP created a PCN poster that has been shared on Facebook

Patient Access Appointments RC

  • RC asked for information regarding booking appointments using patient access to be taken off the telephone welcome message. SB to action

NHS Face to face data RC

  • RC queried how NHS data for England compare to Woodlands data accurately. SB will bring back to the next meeting the data for Woodlands face to face data. SB to action

Update on Information consistency RC

  • There are some discrepancies between the website and social media. SB advised the Assistant Practice Manager is looking into this. SB will check on progress. SB to action

Parking restrictions AS

  • To be bought back to next meeting

Prescription problems/chemist AS

To be bought back to next meeting.

PW spoke about difficulties in obtaining some medications due to stock issues. PW would like patients to be made aware made aware that specific prescribed medication is not always available and substitutes will need a new prescription from their doctor causing delay. Communication remains a problem. GPs not prescribing more expensive medications. SB advised GP surgeries are monitored by their ICBs as to what and can and can’t prescribe.

AH would like the GPs to investigate natural remedies as opposed to medication

Flu uptake AS

To be bought back to the next meeting


  • Conversation was had about how information can be disseminated into the community. Agreed Social Media Website Hard copies of Minutes of PPG meeting in reception. Poster in reception showing key items discussed in the PPG meeting. AP will put together a poster. AP to action
  • Complaints procedure and the times the phone lines are open to be put onto website SB to action
  • Paddock Wood toilets discussed and the possibility of the public toilets by the station closing.
  • RC asked if availability of car parking spaces has improved since the introduction of the car park management company. SB advised Yes. SB confirmed parking restrictions also apply when the health centre is closed.
  • LP asked if the hedge by the disabled parking bay can be cut back. Location of the disabled parking bays discussed. SB advised the bays are located where they are due to the size needed. Now that parking is easier it was asked if three bays could be turned into 2 disabled bays. SB will take back to the partners. SB to action
  • RC reiterated the request for a GP to be present at the meeting as we could change timing as needed. SB will relay this back to Dr Wakeham. She could not attend this meeting due to child care issues.
  • AH advised For Sale signs are on WHC property and asked for them to be removed. SB will contact the agents. SB to action
  • LP asked if the surgery employs Physicians Associates SB confirmed no.
  • AP thanked Mark Munday for attending. Mark was happy to attend and is looking forward to working in collaboration with the surgery.

Date of next meeting

  • Wednesday 17th January 2024 6pm